Top 10 Benefits And Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging In 2020.

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I started going online towards my final year in the university. During my search for a final year project. I had access to about 250 hours of internet time-unit. There i began to see, make money schemes online, unbelievable money making sales copy. I attended few good seminars and was looking what to choose. I started to learn how to create blogs.

I learnt to use WordPress very well. I could take tutorials on a phone call step by step. I have used it to build website, online shops and business blogs for a few good years. i had launch my website to keep my activities and project as a show case. I have made money building the system for others, i had built site for people in USA, Lagos, Plateau without meeting them in person.

What is blogging?

”A blog is a discussion website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first. It’s a ”weblog”.

Blogs began as personal mini sites that people used to record their opinions, stories, and other writings as well as photos and videos. As the web has grown and changed, blogs have gained more recognition and merit.

A blog is basically writing about something that interests you. In a way it’s a digital diary that you share with everyone. Blog writing is when you write about topics that interest you and then post them on a “blog” which is basically your own website.

Blogging is a great way to help market or promote yourself or your business, product, or service.  means you can sell something online

through your blog or you can use it merely for informative purposes

Blogging Helps you to:

Learn to Market or Promote Something

Blogging is a great way to help market or promote yourself or your business, product, or service. This means you can sell something online through your blog or you can use it merely for informative purpose. Blogging can benefit your personal and professional life in several ways.

Learn to express your passion and interest Passion.

The moment you begin to write about your passions, you begin to develop a line of freedom to express your inner most self, and perspective toward life. You begin to attract your ‘kind’ your ‘tribe’ that share your thoughts, there will be persons that will disagree too. But you will have the freedom to think do and share your interest. this alone is rewarding in self image, self worth, self confidence and freedom to express yourself.

Learn to Be Different And Make Impact;

Blogging my works using photos and articles has help me to assist others to build their ability to go out there and do something. You will have single yourself out as an individual, you will be self aware, your self confidence will increase, self worth, self esteem will be superb just by developing self discipline to blog.You will begin to influence others who had long wanted to do likewise.

Learn to share your know-how.

I had to start blogging and arranging my thoughts, my skills and ideas online on to my site. Because  i realize after coaching for a while students want to learn more. It gets to a time that your follower-ship will want more details from you, through videos, info graphics, ebooks. And then tutorials, then life seminars. and so on. And the more you share the more youLearn.

Learn to Improve your thinking;

Blogging has improve my thinking and writing. To post an article or info graphic or podcast or video that contains real knowledge and skill so as to share and teach. I will have to sit down to think and write it through. And because of the ease of writing blogs i have been able to increase the number of words i write on paper. A wise man said ”think on paper”.

Learn How To Make Money Online.

With blogging you will be able to learn how everything works online.You will understand online marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, content creation,press release you will be ahead of your peers in any field of endeavor. You will build your professional circle

Learn to build Your Professional circle.

Blogging will help you meet professionals online, and to the level of connecting offline too. As your credibility grows as a thought leader, it can help you become a social influencers, an inspiration to others.

Learn to grow your visibility and Exposure;

The more you blog; the more you write, post pictures of events, the more you make podcast, and videos the more visibility you will get. This is the age and times, where you must be found. If you are going to make a living even offline, customers and consumers will sit at home and search for what ever they want to buy , school to attend, places to have launch, how to learn a skill, etc. when they search google most often its blogs that have been index that shows up. get your self found.

Blogging will help your personal brand.

You can submit your blog as your CV, or create an online CV on a page in your blog. To show prospects why you are employable, when they see results, when they see data and details of your accomplishment. You stand a better chance to work as a consultant, a contractor, a freelance and more.

Everyone is actually working for himself. whether you are working as a civil servant or consulting with an non governmental organisation or working with Exxon mobile. You are the President of your own personal company. So blogging will you into the corporate world.Learn to have fun and make new friends

Learn how to build your business;

You will learn the ease of starting a business and grow your confidence by blogging…its that powerful from  brand name to budgeting to creating content to social sharing. To organizing to planning to press releases to customer service to product launch.When you set up a blog whether for profit or for personal journal you will learn these skill set that they teach in business schools

Learn to become versatile;

This does not mean you become a ‘jack of all trade’ nope you will be very resourceful. Such that you will know or know someone else that is also resourceful in the area in question.

why dont you go ahead and find your reason to blog;

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