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By September 27, 2019 BASKETBALL

Its been about 3 years from now, since 2017. Just a few good hours after i landed this city of Abuja. And as i was thinking what else to do, while i manage the project that brought to this town- construction business.

Coaching basketball is what i do easily. pick up my phone made a few calls, sent text messages too. i got an invite to consult as a life skill coach. They were recruiting for Ass. Coach… this is a story for another post, not the focus…

I had learnt over the years to be a part of contributing to my immediate community, using my talent, treasure and time to guide, help or assit afellow or a child or a neighbour.

So i was looking for a community like the one i left behind in Lagos. where i could find a good playground, and a host of youth around here.

Mogadishu Cantonment aka Abach barracks was right before me. twin basketball playground. i have never seen such in my life before. then and there i knew i will make impact, i knew i will have the chance to influence young people towards greatness.

Someone rightly said “where there is a will there is a way.” Came around after a good day work. asked question. met certain leaders, and pitched my idea.

Alias it was welcomed. When i get to a playground i seldon introduce my self as a coach, i just play with them, make correction, then they see leadership. and they ask for help, then i render my helping hands… and the rest is stories.

As the summer approach i was beginingg to train guide teach one youth after another.By summer camp we had a training clinic fro about 56 young person showed up with a good number of boys ove girls.

Initially i was told the girls will not show up, and i must say the environment does not encourage to be so

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