Share A Hope That Is Contagious

And so all ears were on ground. Most eyes glue to the smart phone, some to the TV. Waiting for the president of the country to open the gates, so we can resume life that was normal.

Its been 14 days and counting since LOCKDOWN. Will there be an extension? for how long? till further notice or what?

About 1900 hours he spoke. thank God. There is another 14 days extension of the lockdown in Abuja and some cities in Nigeria.

Look a the facts on ground. there is no reduction in the number of cases, not everyone has been tested. and there are death cases too. The number is on the rise since Lockdown.

And the graph has been on an increase since day 1. How will you decide as a president.?

”Eggs are eggs, some eggs are rotten.
hopes are hopes, some hopes are delusion.”

Its not the lockdown thats the issue. its how the Lockdown is happening, thats the bone of contention. The majority of city dwellers. work daily, you dont work, u dont get paid, you dont eat. period.

So there must be a way out of this. But the good news is this:

”There is hope of a tree of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease”.

But how?

A tree cut down from roots falls to the ground. the ground from where it first sprout. Soil is there. Soon it can bud, through the scent of waters.

So long you have not given up the ghost, so long as you breath.

Not until you have food, or till you have water, through the scent of water, through the hope that you will have. You will live.

”Where there is life , there is hope.”

”No Man’s lot is fully known till he his dead:
Change of fortune is the lot of life” Charles Surgeon.

So if a tree falls to the ground. and has a scent of water. if a man is down in life’s crisis. And falls down, if he can have a contact of scent of hope, not even the tangible aspect, the smell of it. he will grow, he will bud.

It does not even matter if you are an old tree, so long you are awake.


the system is not as other developed countries, we cannot suddenly fix, its sad we copy best practices with considering the local content and reality on ground.

”Good Advice is poor food for a hungry family” Charles Surgeon

”A man of words, and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds”. Charles Surgeon

”…True faith, like a life boat is at home in storms” Charles Surgeon

If you are down, you must not despair.

Yet we should hope with a reason in this season. Not on some political words, or some fine orator. neither some bestselling authors.


But wherever you recieve light and love and make you feel better, as virtually and real time at hoem. spend more time there.

Hope is actually contagious, so long theat tree remains on a goo soil, get a scent of water, fresh air of positive people around you. You will florish again.

There’s a bright side to all things and a good lord everywhere”

Let me know how you will be working through the next two weeks, i think it will be short, what do you think? leave a comment below.


  1. Even though we are tired of the lockdown and restrictions, let’s take it in good faith.I encourage us to bear with the situation as a “necessary evil” understanding if there was an alternative,we would have chosen it.lets avoid being idle and learn new skills to reduce boredom.

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