”Pre Lock down days.”

Lock down Diary:

As it were China was mourning, and then Italy, the America, and then a handful
of Nations all combine. We were yet to see the reality of the virus in Nigeria.

Hence our borders were still left ajar. And we taught it was a joke. ”
”Diseases no dey kill African man.” We are still thinking that today, after 7
days of Lock down.

”Thank God is Friday” was the order of the day before the virus showed up.
”Today is Monday, i hate Mondays” those were the words that was flying
around. Today been the first day of documenting these new normal.

The past 7 days is fast becoming the new normal. As help is reaching those
in need. Although religious centres are shout down. All over the country
Nigeria. We still find person who Boko-haram could not stop from churchgoing

The church has gone fully digital. Most of them that were not activated are
now on major social media. And own websites and learning centres.

Schools are beginning to activate their eLearning centres. Using apps, using
CMS, content management systems online.

We have begun to build and renovate medical centres. i guess this is a wake
call to all sectors. And to our system.
Because distancing is now a new order.

There is conspiracy flying around. My take on this is; in every rumour there
is element of truth. Whether it’s a bio weapon, whether it’s a tactics toward a strategy against world powers. Whether it’s the 5G and the World Re Boot

And to the Christendom, the ends of the world, the rapture, the antichrist,
the mark of the beast.

The past few days have been days of repentance, prayers, interceding. And we
in Nigeria and the rest of Africa need this the most. We don’t have medical
science. I mean we are verily below standard. So by common senses it should hit
us badly.

All we have seemed to be a joke, were the EFFC building itself is finer than
the National Hospital.

So we call for Prayers. For Gods mercy to remain on us Nigeria and for God
to heal the earth of this plague. Because if the pandemic were to hit us hard.
God forbid.

Not even sanitizes are available, mask, gloves are been hike in price. Most
times it seem to me it’s the poor that actually oppresses his neighbour.

So at the end of the day we are hopeful we are grateful we Stay Home, Stay
Safe, Stay Active.

To know more about the Covid-19 issues. Google as one of the largest search
engine has ranked the world health organisation WHO website first on search.

a very great way to use your skills and talent to save the world. And also
the national health centre of your country.

to access the latest news, and detail. Because in these trying times, there
will be more fraud. Both online and offline. Misinformation can lead to more catastrophes.

National Domestics: HerdsMan

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  1. You are always inspirational. No dull moments with you. I can already see this podcast going global. The only critic I have is “keep enjoying what you do and keep getting better.”

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