Day Three: My 4 Healthy Habits

DaY 3: My 4 Healthy Habits


“Your Body, your Choice”, “Health is wealth” they say. I quite agree to this, and often observe the few, following health and fitness activities which has become a life style over time, habits.


Call it Fitness, workout, if I’m not jogging. I’m either doing some aerobics or playing basketball by weekend.

This helps me to remove the stress of sitting in one position throughout the day, working. Most often its jogging that gives me a sense of motivation agility, ‘aliveness’, a confidence of been active. Jogging does a lot to my psyche. I have never registered in a gym truth be told. So this works a lot for me in the body.


I have had to take the time deliberating to buy fruits, oranges, mangoes, sugar cane, cucumber, garden egg, water melon my favorite, pine apple,  and when I  eat, I do,  give focus to vegetables, carb loading diets to enhance energy to go to the playground and play and talk , and teach

Positive Thoughts and Talks.

Even neurology has confirm that there is a connect between the words we think, say, and what we see. “the tongue is a world of fire’ he was a ‘Gospeller’ of Jesus, and also a Doctor who said so in the Holy Bible. So I seldom tell myself I’m tired’ even when my body is not in agreement with my thoughts, “I am healed”, I cannot be sick, I cannot be poor.


A lot. I drink water a lot. Then I take soft drinks, energy drinks. Then as I feel that’s it becoming too much I reduce, run a month drinking water alone just to put myself on check.

Fresh Air.

Always ensure I take fresh air, these days our kind of work being the computer, laptop or Tablet. I make myself get out door. Else you can be on a computer working all day indoor, then you go out and play an indoor sport. I deliberately look for fresh air.

Singing Melodies.

I like to sing, sometimes shout in singing, I like music, gospel, soul and dance music I do this often.

Let read your comment and habits you often observe to keep body and soul fit.




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