How to Create a Blog (step by step free guide with no step skipped)

“ideas don’t come fully form” Mark Zukeberg

Dear reader,

In this article I will be taking you through a step by step guide on how to build your own website and start a blog all under one domain. There are many articles online, videos eBook on how to do stuff. Yet when I refer some persons,they still want something from me. Anyone can just go to google page and search.


choose your topic or business idea. You either have a business, project, a passion or purpose you want to make public, even as you grow and develop it.

So whatever it is ,you want to make impact or income or both. And that idea or trade might be just anything, from news, to medical, education, public health, technology, trading.choose that topic and make it specific.

Example, before I started getting paid as a coach, I was doing it as a community service, and never knew that is the name. Upload what I was doing on my website

It serve like a a CV online. Decide on a name related to this industry you are going into for findability and branding. You can read up my articles on how to choose a domain name.


get your domain and hosting space.

Although you might have this name registered in Nigeria’s CAC (corporate affairs commission), you will need to own it online for a period of month or years as you want. My friend someone else might already be using this name online, you will then go ahead a register a hosting space, there are several hosting platforms and prices online. I will be creating another article entirely on best web hosting.


Choose your platform. Upon the registration of you name and hosting space, the company will forward you account details. Now this is where you will build your website and blog, without coding or tech jargon. There are several Content management software out there, you can read more from this

And over the years, I have fallen in love with WP, Eve before it was accepted as an authority application. WordPress is free and priceless, meaning you can build anything imaginable using the hosted version. You can read more on Vs

So from there control panel give n you, you can launch your website  or blog or online shop.


when your site is ready with 30 minutes, write up your introduction post, or company price or the previous and past projects you have done, with all your detail contacts inserted in a page you can the hit the publish button.

Copy the link of your new website go to your page on social media and share with friends. Do not wait for a perfect time.



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