“The game of basketball provides everyone involved the
opportunity to learn countless life lessons. The lessons
learned in the Jr. NBA curriculum will be with our players
for a lifetime. Therefore, the Jr. NBA makes it a priority to
cultivate these core values throughout all programming”.

5 Steps To Life-Long Employability

See your self as Self employed. Increase you Earning Ability Devote to Life Long learning. Books Video Tutorials Audio and Podcast Seminars Network

Day Twelve: Top 17 Must Have Life Skills Before Age 17

1. How to make a bed. 2. How to read. 3. How to Pray. 4. How to make A meal. 5. How to say ‘NO’ and feel good about. 6. How to show respect for the game you love and the people. 7. How to be security aware,the phone numbers you should know. 8. Under […]

Day Eight: My Thoughts on Education

Day Eight: My Thoughts on Education   “The future belongs to the competent” Brain Tracy We are in the knowledge economy. And it’s very important if we must be relevant in any industry, specialization, competence is the minimum requirement. Internet: A blessing and a curse; choose what you want. We are the generation that is […]