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Know Your Why: 7 Reasons I started Photography

One of the best decision that has influence my content skills, is when I began to take pictures. Hi friends 1.I started because I was tired of calling photographers that will later give me stories of how they misplace my document and data of the just concluded event. 2. I saw that great pictures inspired […]

7 ‘Legit’ Ways To Make Money Online Blogging With WordPress

Dear reader, “Blogging is a business, treat it as one” Blogging is not a quick and instant way to make money. So if you are looking for a scheme…the business of blogging, and the blogging of business is not one. Blogging is a journey of creating value in information to visitors which most of the […]

How to Create a Blog (step by step free guide with no step skipped)

“ideas don’t come fully form” Mark Zukeberg Dear reader, In this article I will be taking you through a step by step guide on how to build your own website and start a blog all under one domain. There are many articles online, videos eBook on how to do stuff. Yet when I refer some […]

How to Create Website for you Small Business (step by A Step) No Step Skipped

How to Create a Website for your Small Business using WordPress [8 step by step guide with no step skipped] Do you want to build a website for your business? Are you thinking of starting a website for your brand? Starting a website has become easier today than it was in the 90s. You don’t […]