Share A Hope That Is Contagious And so all ears were on ground. Most eyes glue to the smart phone, some to the TV. Waiting for the president of the country to open the gates, so we can resume life that was normal. Its been 14 days and counting since LOCKDOWN. Will there be an […]


2019 World Environment day JUNE 5TH BEAT AIR POLLUTION. This year Environment initiative was focused on “Air pollution”, China led the global world environment day. Divine Mercy secondary school were i coach under the power forward project as a consultant, along side 3 other coaches engaged 30 students under the power forward project at Divine […]

Takers Basketball Team

Its been about 3 years from now, since 2017. Just a few good hours after i landed this city of Abuja. And as i was thinking what else to do, while i manage the project that brought to this town- construction business. Coaching basketball is what i do easily. pick up my phone made a […]

TOT: Smart Work Vs Hard Work

Hi friends, There is a school of thought going around, telling my young lads they should focus on smart work., not hard work and that goes further to demystify smartness of work- less hours, less energy, less skill. I believe in work as a blessing from God and a channel of worth and wealth. I […]

Know Your Why: 7 Reasons I started Photography

One of the best decision that has influence my content skills, is when I began to take pictures. Hi friends 1.I started because I was tired of calling photographers that will later give me stories of how they misplace my document and data of the just concluded event. 2. I saw that great pictures inspired […]