Im Oyekan Oyedeji from Abuja Nigeria. I am a basketball Coach and a Blogger. I blog about Starting up a business online from your passion or talent or what you do for work. I  studied mechanical Engineering and also a Drilling fluid Engineer. played basketball in high school (MVP 1994 ). Along side friends and neighbor started a  3×3 basketball playground. 


This basketball coaching all started as a After-work- exercise just t o keep enterprise moving body and soul. it then became a community initiative with in my hood from there it as move to training individuals now coaching basketball as a power forward Coach with the city of Abuja; 30 students  4 hours of the week every month.


using basketball to teach public health, development literacy, and Life essential skills

My experience with Power forward

this is a youth development project that focuses on Public health, development literacy, and life skills all taught on the basket ball Playground. powered by

Exxon mobile Foundation, NBA international and Africare. is the and other basket ball resources will be our priority on this blog, stay tuned!