2019 World Environment day JUNE 5TH
This year Environment initiative was focused on “Air pollution”, China led the global world environment day.

Divine Mercy secondary school were i coach under the power forward project as a consultant, along side 3 other coaches engaged 30 students under the power forward project at Divine mercy School, 30 peer influencers from Army Day Secondary school ont idea to beat air pollution.

Divine Mercy Secondary school carried out the following events within the school community;

  1. A masked-basketball scrimmage- male and female teams
  2. A speech and peom presented by student on the power forward project to the entire school community.
  3. Placards, were used to promote awareness on air polution with branded power forward tee shirts.

majority of the event was repeated in Army Day secondary school, Asokoro, Abuja.

All initiatives were led by students.

the idea of letting students take roles in community engagement, volunteering, entrepreneurship, are ways to develop a mindset of doing something to make your self, your community, your city, your country and the continent better.

hopefully in the near future like tomorrow we will have young minds in their various field of study and vocation, and career will be able to see problems and rise up to the solution providers.

who knows leaders will be raise, companies will be formed, NGO will be created, founders of great intiatives. to lead young people toward greatness- coachkomi.

see pictures below;

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